20 lessons for 20 years

1. don’t try and numb the sadness. sit in it. write, create, make art, do whatever you have to do to manifest that feeling into something productive.

“We are healed from suffering only by experiencing it to the full.” – Marcel Proust

2. the sunrise and a cup of tea can cure anything.

3. recreational drugs are to be used sparingly, and always with good friends (also: marijuana is always a better idea than alcohol).

4. never be a vegetarian in europe, but veganism is by far the best lifestyle there is.

5. manifestation is a powerful tool. use it carefully and wisely.

6. there is no better feeling in this world than finding a therapist you can trust.  find one, and tell them everything.

7. women (all women, including trans, non-binary, women of color, etc.) are the most powerful and important creatures in this universe.  treat them with the compassion and reverence they deserve.

8. be careful about what you bring into and purge from your space — be it people, things, whatever.  everything carries (or takes away) energy.

“You cannot continue to move forward in your life to the level that you need to be if you’re surrounded by energy that brings you down, that sucks the life force from you.  You are not only responsible for the energy that you bring, but you’re also responsible for the energy that you surround yourself with.” – Oprah Winfrey

9. everything is about balance (i’m still working on this one).

10. anything can be fascinating if you have a passionate teacher (shout out to the TA that got me interested in middle english texts).

11. don’t romanticize people.  romanticize places.  i’m still in love with paris.

12. your best friends will find their way into your life and stick to you.  you’ll never see them coming and they won’t be the ones you expect.

13. as long as you are comfortable with yourself, you will never be lonely.  you are never alone — you’re always with yourself.

14. consume art at an insatiable pace.  you can never see/read/watch/listen to it all, but it is so important that you try.

15. figure out your birth chart.  there is nothing more revealing than finding out, for example, that your moon is in aries and your rising sign is libra.  then, find an astrologist you trust and read your horoscope regularly.  our universe is ruled by patterns and archetypes.

16. talk to everyone — even the guy standing outside the rescue mission at 5 a.m.  these are the conversations that will impact your life for years to come.

17. always go to the mountains (or the beach, or wherever — just get back to nature).

18. an education is the most valuable currency.

19. you don’t have to label yourself just because the world demands it of you. you can travel your journey at your own pace.

20. meditation, yoga, or any other form of spiritual exercise is so important to your overall wellbeing (again, i’m still working on this one).

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